Tia Nude Instant Breast Lift Reusable Stick-On Bra

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Tia Nude Instant Breast Lift Reusable Stick-On Bra

Size Chart
Bust Waist Hip
XS 32.5 24.5 35.5
S 34.5 26.5 37.5
M 37 28.5 39.5
L 39.5 32 42
XL 42 34.5 44.5
XXL 45.5 37 47.5
3XL 48 39.5 50.5
4XL 50.5 42 53
5XL 53 44.5 55.5
Bust Waist Hip
XS 82.5 62.2 90.2
S 87.6 67.3 95.3
M 94 72.4 100
L 100 81.3 107
XL 107 87.6 113
XXL 116 94 121
3XL 122 100 128
4XL 128 107 135
5XL 135 113 141
Cup Size:

Introducing our Tia Nude Instant Breast Lift Reusable Stick-On Bra, the perfect solution for achieving a natural and lifted look regardless of your bust size. This innovative stick-on bra provides exceptional support, lift, and comfort, allowing you to wear your favorite outfits with confidence.


  1. Instant Breast Lift: Our stick-on bra is specially designed to provide an instant lift and enhance your natural shape. The unique adhesive design lifts and supports your breasts, creating a more youthful and lifted appearance. Say goodbye to sagging and enjoy a boost of confidence.

  2. Reusable and Skin-Friendly: This stick-on bra is crafted using high-quality materials that are gentle on the skin. The adhesive is reusable, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of the bra multiple times. Simply clean the adhesive after each use and store it in its original packaging for future use.

  3. Invisible and Seamless: The nude color and seamless construction of the bra make it virtually invisible under any clothing. Whether you're wearing a backless dress, a strapless top, or a low-cut outfit, this stick-on bra remains discreet, providing you with a natural and smooth appearance.

  4. Easy Application and Removal: Applying the Instant Breast Lift Stick-On Bra is quick and easy. Simply peel off the protective backing and place the bra on your breasts, adjusting it to achieve the desired lift and positioning. When it's time to remove the bra, gently peel it off, starting from the edge, and clean the adhesive for future use.

  5. Comfortable and Breathable: We prioritize your comfort, which is why our stick-on bra is designed to be lightweight and breathable. The materials used allow for proper ventilation, reducing heat and moisture buildup, ensuring a comfortable experience even during extended wear.

  6. Versatile Usage: Our Nude Instant Breast Lift Stick-On Bra is suitable for a wide range of occasions and outfits. Whether you're attending a special event, a wedding, or simply want a natural lift for your everyday wear, this bra provides the support and enhancement you need.

Where to wear: Use our Tia under your favorite halter neck tops or dresses for a seamless, lifted look, or under a backless dress for a clean finish! 

Note: It is important to follow the instructions provided with the product to ensure proper application and removal. Avoid using the stick-on bra on irritated or sunburned skin, and discontinue use if any discomfort or skin irritation occurs.


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