7 Ways to Build a More Ethical Closet

Congratulations! You just took the first step in your journey to make more sustainable and conscious fashion decisions by deciding to educate yourself on voting with your wallet. While “convenient” fast fashion clothing options are ever-growing, there are hidden costs behind them that come at the expense of the planet and real people. We’re here to tell you that it is possible to upgrade your wardrobe while paying attention to the story behind your clothes, their sourcing and manufacturing. Taking initiative to incorporate sustainable choices in our lifestyles whenever we can is possible, to give you a head start, we decided to list down a few ways in which you can start building a more ethical closet.


  1. Shop Less, Choose Better

    The fast fashion industry may have gotten its name from the quick rate at which catwalk designs are delivered to the masses, but it just as accurately describes the way we shop nowadays. Fast, laissez-faire, without thinking about it too much. We pick up new pieces here and there, because it's all so cheap and won't break the bank.

    Choose better! Pick pieces that you really love and will want to wear for a long time.Don't buy things that you know aren't ideal and will want to replace soon. Instead of five cheap, mediocre sweaters, keep looking until you find the one that you love 100%.

  2. Support ethical brands 
    If you’re here and reading this article, you’re already off to a great start! Ethical brands offer clothing with high quality materials which promote slow fashion and last for a longer period of time. Over the years, many ethical brands have made their way into the market and offer products in a wide range of categories, from professional and party wear to basic, everyday clothes.

    As consumers we have the power to decide that the people who make our clothes be treated fairly and with respect. By changing your shopping habits and supporting more ethical brands, you can show your respect for humanity.

    Get started by browsing our upcycled collection today!

  3. Quality Over Quantity, Always
    Buying a few timeless pieces that are well-made and consist of high-quality materials is much more eco-friendly than bulk-buying trendy, low-quality pieces. Not only do the former give you a better, more polished look, but they also reduce the amount you spend in the long-run. Investing your hard-earned money into premium clothes is certainly a win-win!

  4. Reuse and Upcycle
    As Indians, reusing and upcycling is pretty much in our blood. Hand-me-downs are something every child grows up with, and even those eventually get turned into rags for cleaning around the house! Get in touch with your roots the next time you decide to get rid of your old clothes, and find unique ways to reuse or upcycle them!

    For example, you can reuse your old denim jeans by transforming them into cutoff shorts. Your old dress can be transformed into a chic blouse or a scarf. You can also donate old clothes to NGOs or sell them online on second-hand portals.

  5. Buy second-hand/vintage
    We love to see trends that promote sustainability in fashion and the recent love for everything vintage is just that! Buying second-hand ensures that you purchase a piece of clothing with personality and an interesting story. Not only will it help you avoid looking like you stepped straight out of Zara/H&M/*insert generic clothing brand here*, it’ll make sure your wardrobe is built with unique pieces that truly capture your sense of style. 

  6. Rent 
    Renting is a great way to experiment with new trends/styles without adding to that pile in your wardrobe of pieces that’ll never see light of day. It is the best way to go especially when it comes to finding outfits for events like weddings, black-tie events, etc. and prevents you from purchasing criminally expensive outfits that you will likely only wear once or twice.

    Further, renting is perfect for dipping your toe into the exclusive world of luxury fashion.

  7. Take good care of the clothes you already own
    The next time you get that familiar I-have-nothing-to-wear feeling and step out to give your credit card a good workout, take a moment to take stock of your wardrobe. A thorough look will likely make you come across some gems that you haven’t worn in the longest time.

    Tune into your favorite blogger’s channel for your dose of 6-ways-to-style-XYZ-piece-of-clothing to rework your existing wardrobe into a fresh, exciting style. 

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but even tiny conscious adjustments in our everyday choices add up over time. Try these hacks to build a more ethical closet and share with your friends and family to encourage them to do the same!

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